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St Joseph's Boy's School, Jalandhar

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A Short Biography of St. Joseph : The School has St. Joseph, the foster father of Lord Jesus, as our heavenly Patron.
Who is Saint Joseph?
The Holy family is made up of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Second only to Mary, Saint Joseph is the person that spent the most earthly hours and days with Jesus. The names of his mother and father have been lost to history ? unknown. Genealogy research shows he was of the house of David, lineage through Solomon...
Also lost to history are the date and place of St. Joseph’s birth and the date of his death, so his chronological age is always based upon guesswork. The Christmas story tells us he and Mary had to return to Bethlehem for...

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St Joseph's Boy's School, Jalandhar

Patron - Rt. Rev. Dr. Franco Mulakkal

Jesus Christ spent his public ministry teaching the people especially his disciples about the love of God. He was recognised and acknowledged as a great teacher by his disciples and public in general (John.3:2).

St Joseph's Boy's School, Jalandhar

Director - Rev. Fr. Jose Palakuzha

Director Message, 'SCIERE AMARE ET SERVICE - 'Come to Learn and Go to Serve' The whole purpose of education is for all individuals to learn and grow as better people. As per the motto of our school 'Come to Learn and Go to Serve'

St Joseph's Boy's School, Jalandhar

Principal - Rev. Sr. Detty Augustine S.H.

Principal Message, Education leads to transformation. It transforms everything and everyone beyond one's imaginations.If you want to change from the doom of darkness and if you are longing for a ray of light to shine upon you and your ...