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Withdrawal & Dismissal

Withdrawal & Dismissal

Students can be withdrawn or removed from school as under :

  • Students can be withdrawn or removed from school as under :
    • By giving one current month's notice in writing. In absence of such a notice one month's fee will be charged.
  • By the school authorities on any one of the following grounds :
    • Constant weakness in studies.
    • Irregularity in attendance.
    • Behaviour Problem.
    • Over-age in any class.
    • Moral breach considered serious by the school committee.
    • Non-payment of the fees or chronic irregularity in payment.
    • Students who get married before completing the 10th Class.
    • Moral turpitude.
    • Indulging in any kind of criminal activities punishable under state laws.
    • Eve- teasing.
    • Any kind of Ragging.
    • Use or abuse of any drug as prohibited by laws.
    • Causing obstruction to the smooth functioning of the school.
    • Drug peddling.
    • Causing shame or insult to the name and fame of the school, management or staff.
    • Insanity in the school.
    • Parents causing damage to the prestige and good will of the school.
    • Student or parent who uses unfair means to influence or entice the management or office staff.
    • Parent who participate or cause to happen any type of Protest or Darna against the interest of the school or they themselves participating in any such activities.
    • Wilful negligence or disobedience to the school rules and regulations.
  • No school leaving certificate will be issued without a written application from the parent/guardian after the payment of all dues to the school.
  • Prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school a month's notice or payment of a month's fee is required.
  • As a rule students who are dismissed from the school will not be re-admitted.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct or sickness liable to be injurious to other students, justify dismissal.
  • The Principal's decision shall be final in all cases of dismissal or withdrawal.
  • A child who uses unfair means or receives or gives assistance in any form during tests will be given zero in the subject and repetition of the same fault will result in dismissal of the student from the school.

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