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Salient Features

Salient Features

Computer Lab

In today’s world, Information Technology get the pick of the bunch. Man is incomplete without the knowledge of computer. To this effect, the school provides a well-equipped and furnished modern computer lab for the students from class I to XII with a ratio of 1:1. Computer application is introduced in the school curriculum and is taught as an additional compulsory subject from class I up to the ICSE and ISC Board Exams.

Prayer Room

Power of Prayer unites human soul with the Divine and helps man to live in harmony with God, his Creator and thus remain illumined by the power of prayer. Therefore a Prayer Room is specially designed to encourage the staff and the students to make prayer a habit. They are encouraged to go to the prayer room whenever possible, before they begin the day, or during the recess. They are free to spend a few moments in silence raising their heart and mind to God in prayerful dialogue which brings real serenity to their life.

School Library

It goes without saying that a library is the soul of a school. The school has a well-stocked library, which is housed in a large, properly ventilated, well-lit and well-furnished hall with comfortable furniture. The school subscribes regularly to a large number of journals, magazines and newspapers to broaden the mental horizon of the students. Students of Class …… onwards are encouraged to borrow books from the library based on rules and regulations as available in the library.

Language Lab

Keeping pace with the need for proficiency in spoken English the school has arrangement for a well furnished Language Lab for the lower class students. Various teaching aids are used to stimulate the students into thinking and articulating their thoughts in English with digitalized audio- video visuals in a specially designed multi- media theatre.

Music Room

Music is the language of the soul. In its Endeavour to impart an all embracing and comprehensive formation of its pupils the school encourages all forms of fine arts. The school is in the process of setting up a music room with all modern musical instruments which will be a unique feature of the school in facilitating and grooming the future musicians.

Audio Visual Facilities

With Visual aids is the trend of the time. An audio visual mini-theatre is under preparation in order to facilitate studying through the help of visuals projected on the mini screen to clarify and substantiate the things one reads and studies in the class rooms.

Science Lab

The school provides adequate facility to the students for experimental learning. The school has modern and well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where students are exposed to Practicals for themselves or conducted under the keen guidance and supervision of the concerned teachers.

Art & Craft (S.U.P.W)

Children learn more through doing than seeing and listening. The compulsory subject of “Socially useful productive works” (SUPW) instils in them creativity and provides opportunities to discover and develop the dormant talents in them under the supervision of learned staff.

Physical Wellness

A sound mind dwells in a sound body. To keep the students physically fit and flexible, the school provides all facilities to the students to learn Dance, Music, sports and games etc. The students are permitted to participate in various sports which are conducted by the school and by the Diocesan Board of Education from time to time.

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