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School Uniform

School Uniform

On all class days and at school functions, the students have to come dressed in prescribed uniform as per the respective seasons.

Summer - For Boys

  • Light blue pants and sky blue shirts for all classes.
  • Black leather shoes (without heels & with black laces) and white socks.
  • School belt, school tie and school badge as may be prescribing.
  • Light blue turban for Sikh students.

Summer - For Girls

  • Light blue pants and sky blue shirt.
  • Black leather shoes (without heels).
  • School belt, school tie and school badge as may be prescribing.

Winter - For Boys

  • Grey pants / White shirts and white socks.
  • Black leather shoes (without heels) and black laces.
  • Light blue turban for Sikh students.

Winter - For Girls

  • Light blue pants and skLight blue pants.
  • sky blue shirt and grey stockings (upto thighs).
  • Black leather shoes (without heels).

Common Uniforms:

  • Grey Pullover V-Neck.
  • Navy Blue Blazer with school crest.

Students' P.T. Uniforms

White pants, white shirts, white shoes and white socks for all classes and all genders. P.T. Uniform is to be worn on Wednesdays / house -shirts in summer. Each child must be provided with sufficient number of uniforms. Parents are expected to ensure that their children are well groomed personally and dressed neat and tidy before they leave for school. A student who is slovenly dressed or not in full uniform may be sent back home.

Special Note

  • Personal cleanliness is very essential. The finger nails should be trimmed and unpolished, hands mehandi free and the shoes be polished daily.
  • Use of gel or application of colours or chemicals on hair so as to attract uncalled for attention of others or creating of such hair style meant for modelling or reality show or advertisement by boys or girls are strictly prohibited.
  • Any alteration done with the uniform that would result in change of size, shape, style, design, fabric or common pattern stitching or colour that looks shady or non- uniformity in appearance of any student with that of those approved by the school is strictly prohibited and any such act done or indulged in by the student will be considered a grave disobedience and would be dealt accordingly.
  • Girls with long hair should make two plaits with red ribbons in Winter & Blue ribbons in summer.
  • Girls with short hair should comb them straight and put on red band in winter & blue band in summer.
  • Jewellery, wrist watch, bangles, rings, nail polish, decorative hair pins, band etc. are not allowed.

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